Welcome to the New Mexico State Society of Washington, DC.  Also known as NMSS, the organization was founded in 1987 by New Mexicans serving Members of the New Mexico Congressional Delegation. It operates under the charter of the National Conference of State Societies and is registered as a non-profit corporation in the District of Columbia. 

NMSS is an all-volunteer organization managed by a Board of Directors. The composition of the Board is just as diverse as the State of New Mexico.

The core mission of NMSS is to promote unity and fellowship among New Mexicans living in the DC area. NMSS serves as a true hub for all New Mexicans as well as friends of New Mexico. To that end, NMSS hosts numerous social and philanthropic events throughout the year. These venues are a great way for New Mexicans to network with one another.

To learn more, please explore our website or visit our social media channels. To gain access to exclusive members only information and benefits please click on the New Mexico icon below.

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